Saturday morning

Good morning all though it is nearer lunch time.  I was up bright and early but decided to go back to bed and duly fell fast asleep.  James hit the buffers yesterday so he too is now on antibiotics and is coughing for England.  I think I am sleeping so much because for the first time in ages I feel relaxed with 2 other adults in the house I feel able to let go and know that they will take up the slack and deal with anything that needs doing. I no longer feel as if I am permanently on duty 24 hours per day. Denzil is walking the dogs each morning so that is one less thing preying on my mind.  Apparently it was snowing early on but it has not settled and we now have a fierce wind blowing instead.  

As yet I have nothing organised for lunch so it may have to be something really easy like bacon and egg then maybe a take away for supper depending how we are all feeling.  I will be going to the hospital at 2pm to visit Mike and hopefully he is still progressing well.  So far no one has mentioned him coming home and I am not pushing the idea.  It would seem foolish to send him home to a house full of infection.  We have been trying to keep ourselves segregated from friend and family as the last thing I want is to pass this misery on to others so we are keeping in contact by phone.  

I'm sorry this is so boring but we are living one day at a time and only doing what is really necessary to keep ourselves fed and watered.  Denzil did a big batch of laundry yesterday so at least we have clean clothes and I am making use of all the labour saving devices I have to reduce the amount of work for us all.

Well that about it for this morning time to have a trawl through the freezer and look for inspiration.  Have a good day all and it is a day for keeping warm the temperature has dropped dramatically here.
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