Monday morning

Good morning all another long lie in this morning, I can't get over my ability to sleep but I for one am not complaining I can only assume I need the rest.  

We have a long list of things to do today nothing interesting but lots of tedious jobs that I have been putting off. I also need to hit the shops as we have eaten just about all that was in the cupboards.  

I am hoping that today will be the day they make some sort of decision with regard to Mike he is getting very bored and fractious.  He has discovered how to use his mobile and keeps phoning me to come and visit and I keep explaining that visiting time is not until 2pm but he seems to think I am just being cussed and puts the phone down on me.  Anyway by 2pm he will have forgotten that he ever phoned.

The weather is really filthy this morning it is windy and very overcast and looking like imminent rain.  I have a big pile of washing to do but it will have to hang around the house as I would not dare risk it outside. 

I finally introduced myself to my new neighbours and explained that I am not an antisocial git but we had plague in the house and as they have two small children I didn't want infect them.  The little 18 month old had plague himself and was all red cheeked and miserable as he is teething as well. They were also glad of the heads up with regard to sheds at the foot of the garden which are very vulnerable to burglars.  Given that they have some expensive computer equipment in theirs they will need to take extra precautions.  The cattery only three doors up was burgled only a fortnight ago and I have had my shed broken into several times.  

Well that about it for this morning, time I made a start on the chores.  My to do list just seems to get longer and longer and I am forever chasing my tail but I'm sure I am not alone in that.
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