Monday morning

Good morning all I had a bit of a rocky night last last night as I am probably wound up about Mike but hopefully after today I will have a clearer picture of where we are headed.  I still find it hard to keep going as I am very lethargic but I did do a roast for lunch and we all foraged for supper.  James is making progress and the antibiotics have kicked in so he is not feeling so like death.  Denzil is coughing but seems to be keeping the worst at bay.  The only ones who seem to be very fit are the dogs who look at us apologies for humans with pity in their eyes.  Not only are we rubbish at being dogs but we seem to be pretty rubbish at being humans.

It was perishingly cold here yesterday so we were all wrapped up like Nanook of the north and I even turned the heating up.  I believe this very cold snap is due to ease off through the week and we are then in for some rain.  Of course we feel the cold if we are only shambling around so it didn't take us long to discover the warmest place was under the duvet.  

The chicken carcass has been through the slow cooker so we have some lovely broth for lunch along with some cold chicken salad sandwiches so it wont matter how long we are at the hospital as lunch is all but ready.  And I think supper will be, "if you can find it you can eat it". The fridge is fairly full so there is no shortage of available grub.  

The wonderful Deny is due tomorrow and boy do we need her, we have rather let the house go while we have been caring for the sick and I for one don't have the energy.
I will be interested in how long it takes this blog to appear the time now is just 6am and I need to get myself showered and dressed before I freeze but first another cup of coffee.

Just got back from the hospital where we waited for two hours in hopes of being seen however we were told to wait another hour and half before they would be ready to talk to us. At which point we walked out as apparently no one knew we had been asked to come in.  There is no excuse for rudeness.
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