Monday morning

Good morning all first an update on Mike he has at last been taken to the high dependency unit and I have just rung to check on his condition which was raising a bit of concern.  It seems he managed a couple of hours sleep and his medical condition seems to have stabilised.  He is no longer febrile so the antibiotics are doing their job.  I have been told to visit after 2pm which is a bit of a bind as I am not at my best in the afternoon if I have had an early start.  However, I did take him in a bag with all that is necessary for life including a mobile phone with only my number on it so there is no room for confusion.

I will get the boys to run me into the hospital this afternoon and then fetch me when I am done as parking is a real pain not to mention expensive and as we live so close it makes sense to just drop people off and fetch them.

Amid all the hubbub I cooked a chicken for lunch and we now have cold chicken for lunch today and a big pot of broth from the carcass.  Of course this has thrown my plans for 4 back to meals for 3 but the boys are very flexible and eat whatever I put in front of them or raid the fridge and sort themselves out.  Both of them have lived alone so they are no strangers to pots and pans.  

It is interesting that the dogs are very agitated as they must be getting our anxiety.  Tubby went into meltdown when the ambulance took Mike away I sure he thought he was being kidnapped and he seemed only too aware that all was not right with him, and last night he wanted to cuddle with me which is most unusual.  It never ceases to amaze me how sensitive dogs are to the emotional dynamics in a house.

Anyway that about it for this morning it is just beginning to get light and it looks as if we are in for another day of mist and fog.
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