Friday morning

Today really is Friday and I have deliberately slept in very late as I want to be awake when I go to visit Mike.  Normally I am like a wet rag as visiting time clashed with afternoon nap time for me so I have had a really good sleep all be it drug induced so that I am wide awake after lunch.  As yet nothing has been mentioned about the rehab placement but today might be a different story.  

Denzil came back from the doctors with steam coming out of his ears.  Since his heart attack he has been on a regimen of statins and beta blockers which in Thailand he can just buy over the counter. Our GP wrote him a prescription and for some inexplicable reason has doubled his statins for no apparent reason as his blood test results are not back yet.  It was a simple repeat prescription but no they have to muck about with it.  

James is at last coming out of his chest infection and I am at last feeling a bit more like myself we have all been surprised at just how debilitating this has been and how long it has taken to feel human again.  It is probably just as well that we kept a low profile while we were ill as I really would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Today for lunch I am intending some bassa fillets with a tomato and mozzarella salad and some sweet potato wedges.  Then I think supper will probably be soup and toast or a forage through the fridge. Fortunately both boys are perfectly capable of feeding themselves so I don't have to even think about it.

I hope this has brought you up to date one day is much the same as the next here and we are just treading water until we know what is happening with Mike and the days revolve around visiting times.  Lets hope we have a clearer picture by the end of the weekend as it is difficult to organise everything to fit in.

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