Friday morning

Another late start this morning but the dogs next door barked for most of the night and kept us all awake.  Saw Mike in the hospital and he is making good progress physiologically though he is now complaining of boredom which is a good sign.  We offered to take him in things to entertain him but he turned them all down.  He is still on intravenous antibiotics but at last they seem to be doing the trick and the physiotherapists are mobilising him.  As his condition improves so they are reducing his oxygen consumption.  So all looking very positive.

The rest of us are hunkered down trying to shake off the last of the chest infections that have plagued us.  I don't know what is going on with the blog yesterday I published around 4am but it was at least 2hours before the blog was available.  I don't think it was my fault after all I have been doing this for a while now.

I found a portion of bolognese sauce in the freezer so that is out for lunch today and for supper I fancy a corned beef hash with some sprouts.  As you can see we are trying to minimise work as none of us has the energy to do anything exciting.  

The weather has turned rather chilly but at least it is dry at the moment and the dogs have had their walk so that is one major task completed.  As we all had such a bad night everyone has made themselves a large mug of tea and gone back to bed in the hope of a couple of hours sleep.  Lunch will only take minutes to prepare so there is nothing too demanding for me though I think I am currently the fittest one here.

The one saving grace is that hopefully we will all be back up and running in time for the christmas holidays so I really will have to start thinking along those lines fairly soon.

Have a good day all and keep warm......

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