Tuesday morning

Good morning all I had a bad day yesterday but I am feeling better today as I have had loads of sleep which is why I think I had a bad day I was just over tired.  I abandoned ship early and left James in charge of the catering department, it is so nice to have a back up but I still feel guilty not fulfilling my commitment.  Nothing like a convent education to give you a good sense of guilt!!! Now on to something important. I don't know if any of you saw the food and drink program where they showed how to make a baked bean dish using unsoaked haricot beans and a slow cooker.  I had all the ingredients including the pomegranate molasses so I thought I would give it go.  The recipe is called Brixton baked beans - all I can say is DON'T do it.  The entire contents of the slow cooker ended up in the white porcelain disposal unit; I would not even have offered it to the dogs it was so disgusting. The beans remain as bullets despite 12 hours cooking and the flavour was indescribable.  Some experiments are a roaring success and some are unmitigated disasters this one fell into the disaster category.

Dan and I had a walk to the shops and he is gaining in confidence with each trip. Today he is due for a run by the sea side and it is my intention to take him before breakfast so his stomach is empty.  It is still pitch dark so I have a bit of leeway.  

I took Mike to the see the nurse who tested his respiration which has dropped from 70% to 50% in a year but everyone keeps telling him either use it or lose it but he remains non compliant. Anyway she gave him his flu vaccination while he was there.  

Today the catering department is going to stick to tried and tested recipes.  I have some excellent beef stock so I am going to make a plain risotto with butter and cheese and pork chops, supper will be some seafood and salad.  Hopefully I can accomplish these without disaster.  

There will be no Denny this week and the cleaning will fall to me.  I am revving up to giving the kitchen its spring clean but I haven't quite worked up the enthusiasm yet.  I may attack it one cupboard at a time so it doesn't present quite such a daunting task.  Fortunately the walls are tiled from floor to ceiling so they are easy to wipe over.  Well that is the plan for the day so I had better make a start; there is a glimmer of light over the horizon so time to get my act together.

Have a good day all

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