Sunday Morning

Am I too big to be a lap dog?
As you can see when Dante is at full stretch he is huge, he would so like to be a lap dog but he really is difficult to fit on your lap.  It will not be long before he will not fit on anyones lap and his days of lap cuddles will be over.  We had a small lead walk to the shops yesterday and he was definitely a bit more confident with the traffic.  He already knows to sit at the edge of pavements because that is what Tubby does and so far he has never pulled on the lead as he likes to stay close to me.  I then had a few chores to do in town and I happened to swing by the butcher and how could you resist these T bone steaks? So that is what is on the menu for lunch today.

They are now out of the fridge and coming to room temperature before being put on the griddle pan and frightening.  I think mushrooms and saute potatoes will complete the meal.  Just one problem not a potato in the house so a trip to Aldi will be necessary.

Yesterday was a really miserable wet and cold day so in the end we had a full english breakfast for lunch/brunch and for supper we indulged ourselves with a chinese takeaway.  Puppies are such time wasters but they are young for so little time that I don't intend to miss a minute of the fun.  The household chores can wait they will still be there later.  

I ran my magnifying lamp down to my elderly neighbour as I hope it might make things a bit easier for her when it comes to reading the paper.  I know myself that the one thing I hate most of getting older is that my eyesight is not what I would wish and my house is liberally scattered with cheap pairs of reading glasses.

I have just sent James back to bed as he has had yet another sleepless night but he has reappeared still unable to sleep and in need of a cup of tea.  Hopefully I can persuade him to have a snooze this afternoon so he can catch up a bit.

Well that about it for now have a good day all despite the weather.
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