Saturday Morning

Good Morning all, just a fraction later this morning but I expect that is because I feel pretty washed out after the  head cold and festivities.  The cold has left me with a lingering cough and runny nose which seems determined to hang on.  This morning it is a bit cooler and raining steadily so not the most auspicious start to the day.  

It is interesting how Dan has worked out the system here.  Once I am up I let him out of his crate, I send him straight out for the necessary ablutions he then piles back into bed as he knows I am no fun and sit here typing, checking email etc. so he doesn't bother with me.   Yesterday, we had a walk up the road on the lead to buy a loaf of bread, we walked as far as the baker only to find that they are closed until next week.  In the end I had to buy a loaf in the mini supermarket.  He was very well behaved but that is because he is terrified and sticks to me like glue. I can see that he will need quite a bit of work to get over his traffic shyness.  He seems to be rather timid which I'm not to sure is good thing.  However, it is early days yet and he may gain some confidence as he gets older.  Somehow I don't remember Basso being quite so shy but perhaps that is a trick of memory.  

I also paid a visit to my 92 year old neighbour who is mentally as bright as a button but really fed up with her body falling to pieces.  She has always been a really active person and now finds herself trapped in a body that doesn't function.  She does however realise just how lucky she is to have her son at home to look after her so she is not relegated to a home. At least she can be miserable in her own surroundings.  She was complaining that she can only read the headlines of the paper so I thought I might run my magnifying light down to her to see if that might make a difference.  If it does maybe she can get one of her own.  Currently I am not using it to do close work so she can have it on loan for a while.

I gave Shiona a ring to wish her happy new year and it seems she is having her fair share of problems.  Her house in Scotland is left unoccupied now that her mother is in a home and things go wrong with no one to notice which means that she has to organise repairs when she is there and over the holiday period this is not an easy task.  That aside she has had a good time with her family and friends but I think she is itching to get back down south.

I finally got all the laundry done so that is one chore out of the way for a week.  I had a quick look in the fridge and all that is there is a box of mushrooms and some stilton. Perhaps a risotto would do for lunch as I also have some dried mushrooms.  In the freezer I do have some sea food which may make a good supper if I have a bit of a play with it.  I am trying to avoid the shops until tomorrow when I will have to make a foray to Aldi. Yesterdays smoked salmon and scrambled eggs went down well and we gave the cottage pie a good hammering but there is a portion still left which my four legged friend will demolish for breakfast.  It feels a bit like "groundhog day" with little to distinguish one day from the next but things should get back to normal next week as we head into January proper.  

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