Round up of 2014 and a Happy New Year

What sort of a year has it been?  It seems to have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but then again isn't every year.  I am trying to look forward and see some light at the end of the tunnel but its not easy with Mike on the downward run. It is just a case of trying to keep him on an even keel and slow the inevitable deterioration in his condition.  James is making good progress despite a few set backs.  My spirits are a bit lighter now that my miserable cold has left me and I am feeling better in myself.  It is only when you get better you realise just how ill you were feeling. I really don't know how I made it to Normandy and back thank heavens for Shiona. My period of panic attacks was horrid and exhausting but they seem to have passed and I am glad I stopped the medication as it was not helping at all, in fact I think it was making matter worse.

This coming year I have some major decisions to make regarding the caravan and possibly the car as well but they are not urgent so I can take my time.  I don't make new year resolutions as I have found they are bound for failure which just leaves me disappointed with myself.  The main task for this year is to get Dante trained which is a long slow process but well worth the effort.  Tubby is a great help as he is trained to the whistle and Dante follows his lead.  Once the weather improves I would also like to get a bit of shooting in as I haven't been for ages.  As it is most unlikely that I will get a holiday of any kind I am debating whether to get more hens in the spring.  I do miss them and the lovely fresh eggs not to mention somewhere to dispose of dead vegetables and garden weeds.  My vegetable beds are all dug over and exposed to the frost so hopefully I will get some decent crops from them and the green house.  There are a couple of major tasks for the summer.  The garage needs a good declutter and clean out as do both the sheds.  I can see me making multiple trips to charity shops and the tip.  I am also of a mind to have a bit of a declutter in the kitchen which is badly over filled with stuff.  Time to stop thinking of all that needs doing before I frighten myself to death. I have some friends in France who I would love to go and visit and I would dearly love a visit to Trieste but we will have to see if either is possible.  If I could persuade Sandy to get a passport I would love to take her and we could eat ourselves stupid.  And on that happy note I wish you all the very best for the New Year may it be all you wish for.
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