Monday morning

I suppose this is the first week when things get back to normal after the christmas and new year holidays.  My vegetable box will arrive again tomorrow for which I will be most grateful.  I find that having had my vegetables delivered for a few years now I tend to forget to buy veg when out shopping.

Yesterdays steaks were delicious the meat was well hung and I rested it for as long as I cooked it which wasn't long as I like my steak rare. The bones have been in the slow cooker making stock and this morning I will degrease it and reduce it before freezing.  

Dante had a nice walk down at the estuary and was showing much more confidence to explore on his own.  For the first time he actually came to have his lead put on rather than run for cover.  Today it will be a lead walk up to the shops to see the traffic.  I am alternating his walks so that he gradually gets used to the process and all the scary things out there. We have also started the gun dog commands with HOLD and DEAD neither of which he has quite got the hang of but we will keep at it.  He is such a gut bucket we are also having a bit of practice of removing his food then returning it. He needs to understand that the food is mine and I control it.  He made the serious mistake of trying to help himself to Nip's food and was given a growl warning, which he ignored, so he got a bite to reinforce the point he now gives Nip a wide berth when he is eating.

The warm wet spell seems to have passed and we are back to cold but clear.  I get a taste of the weather each morning as my first job is to go out into the garden with Dan so he can empty his tank. Fortunately he is very quick so I don't freeze to death, then it is into hot coffee and this blog.  Today James has offered to make chinese potsticker dumplings for lunch.  The dumplings are actually made and frozen but still need to be boiled then fried on one side.  I am always happy to hand over the catering to anyone who is willing.  Much as I like to cook sometime it is a real chore especially when I can't decide what to have.  I recorded "Food and Drink" and watched Tom Kerridge make a sausage casserole with a crusty topping which looked really good and very quick and easy.  I have some sausages in the freezer so this might be on tomorrow's menu.  I will now check out the BBC food site for the actual recipe and let you know the results.  

Have a good day all and sorry if you have to back to work but be grateful you are not trapped in four walls.

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