Friday Morning

Here we are facing the first weekend of the new year and it is wet and warm here.  Yesterday saw some high winds and the odd shower.  I got to grips with some of the leftovers, the cold chicken ended up in chicken and salad sandwiches for lunch and for supper we had some soup which has to be the easiest I have ever made.  I had 3 red peppers which I roasted off and peeled then put them in the thermomix with a tin of plum tomatoes and a pint or so of the chicken stock from the carcass. Then a quick whiz and hey presto soup.  You don't need a thermomix to make this it would be just as easy with an ordinary blender.  I made a batch of croutons and stirred in a spoonful of creme fraiche just to ponse it up a bit but it would have been fine just as it was.  I then turned my attention to the leftover lentils from the new years eve supper of "cotechino con lenticchie" a very traditional Italian new year dish.  

I fried off minced beef to which I added the leftover lentils and then put the leftover mashed potatoes on the top making a sort of cottage pie.  This will either be lunch or supper today and the other meal will be scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast.  Then I think that takes care of all the holiday food and we will be back to normal.  [pictures courtesy of google]

I got one set of bedding through the washing machine where it is still residing.  With the washing machine in the shed it is very easy to forget which is exactly what I have done.  Anyway now that I have remembered I can get the stuff dry in the tumble dryer - I do prefer to dry outside where possible but if it is wet then the tumbler is the answer.  James ran the hoover round the house as it was showing the absence of Denny in fact I am not sure if we are sharing a house with three dogs or they are sharing a kennel with three humans. As you can imagine with a puppy in the house it is littered with assorted toys.  Dante hit his 4th month yesterday and will soon be teething in earnest so he has a large cardboard box which he is allowed to chew to his hearts content this keeps the furniture a little safer.  At the moment he is very obedient but just wait until we hit the teenage period when he gains a bit of confidence and begins to know it all.  I can still just manage to pick him up and he loves to have a cuddle as a lap dog but that is going to be very limited as he gains in weight. It is great that we have Tubby around as an example of what is expected and Dan follows his lead in most things. The other great thing is that they wear each other out playing silly games of chase. Dante is no push over and has sent Tubby flying on more than one occasion.  We find ourselves saying "calm down or it will all end in tears", just as you do with boisterous children.  

Well that is about it for this morning I can't decide whether I prefer cold and crisp or warm and wet both have advantages and disadvantages I suppose it depends on what you have planned.  Anyway have a good day all whatever your plans. 

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