Wednesday morning

Good morning all today is marginally warmer than yesterday and I believe that it is going to get warmer and wet in the new year according to the countryfile weather forecast.  Yesterday I had some visitors for coffee, well I think they came to see me, or perhaps they were Dan's visitors anyway I had just got back from a foray to Tesco.  The shop was piled high with reduced price goods left over from christmas and in a moment of stupidity I bought some party food to go with the choux buns that I had made. Pulled pork sliders sounded fine, until I discovered that they were filled with an onion jam and a postage stamp size piece of plastic cheese.  Where was the pork? apparently pulled completely out!!!! Anyway, the dogs thought they were OK, I beg to differ.  The stuffed jalapenos were marginally better but very mean containing just half a pepper per portion.  Well that will teach me. I know better than to buy such stuff but every now and again I try only to be very disappointed.  As I had been up since 3.30am I was shattered and tried to have a sleep in the afternoon but my mind was racing and there was no chance so in the end we sent for a takeaway supper and I crashed out at a very early hour.  

Today I have a nice free range chicken for lunch which I will roast simply and serve with creamed leeks and mashed potatoes.  There is one advantage to getting up at this ungodly hour it does give me some quality time with Dante on his own as the other dogs tend to sleep in much later.  Having said that Dan too has gone back to bed having emptied his tanks and is not interested in me.  I may just have to follow his example and put myself back to bed but sadly I am really wide awake.  I really must make an effort to get my sleep schedule on a more even keel.  It is not all bad though, as I do enjoy my time scribbling and planning my day and making some preparations in the kitchen while it is quiet.  I was looking at my ovens yesterday and after all the festivities they are in need of a good clean - is there anyone who enjoys cleaning ovens?  I do take a bit of a short cut and put all the bars and racks in the dishwasher which softens the dirt and makes it easier to get off.  The double glass doors are easily removed but cleaning large sheets of glass in the sink fills me with dread as one slip and I am without an oven. Perhaps tomorrow!!!!! Clean for the new year.

I for one am not unhappy to see the back 2014 and I live in hope that 2015 will be a better year for all of us.  If you are out celebrating tonight have a good time and if the party food is from Tesco make sure you have had lots to drink before you tackle the food.

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