Wednesday morning

I seem to have gone on to night duty.  After a pretty busy day I went to bed for a sleep and woke with the clock saying 8.30 and I couldn't understand why it was still dark.  Simple really it is 8.30pm not am.  Now what do I do!!!!

On my shopping expedition yesterday I stopped off at the butcher at Brogdale which is better known for holding the national apple collection.  They were clearing stock ready for christmas so most of their meat was half price.  I only wanted some mince for my bolognese sauce but ended up with a gammon joint reduced from £22 to £10 and for further £10 I got 2kg of gloucester old spot pork chops.  Before going to bed I had made a start on the sauce and fried off the mince with a pound of pork mince - now it is time for the vegetables.  I must admit I don't feel much like preparing the veg but if I get it done I can put the sauce on the slow cooker overnight.  The next burning issue is do I go purist and leave out the tomato or go English and add it.  I have gallons of passata as I bought a £1 bag of tomatoes which were on the blink and have now been cooked and passed through the mouli. So I guess it will be down the English route.  I bought a nice piece of pancetta so I will get that in the frying pan while I get the veg together.

By the time I got back from shopping the house was all clean and pristine and it suddenly came home to me that the next visit from Denny I will be in France.  Only 13 days to go - once Dante is home the real work will start and can you imagine the mess those huge paws will make.  Still I have been down this road before so I guess I will survive even if the carpet doesn't.

Ok enough burbling and on with the veg and I might as well get another load of washing on.  By the time the real morning comes I might be collapsed in bed but at least I will have the major tasks done.
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