Wednesday morning Christmas Eve

Lovely flowers from Sally

Off to the butcher to fetch the turkey this morning and start unloading the freezer of all the pre prepared stuff.  Yesterday I did a bit of work on my spreadsheet to see how we are faring with the solar panels.  I am delighted to tell you that the sum total of my expenditure this year for both gas and electricity is £7 now that can't be bad.  I woke at 3am but put myself back to sleep and now it is 7 am which is a bit more of a human time to get up.  I have been feeling like death warmed up with this rotten cold but I must say I feel a bit better this morning so perhaps the worst is over.  I must admit I am glad it is just the three of us for the big day so I don't have to push myself too much.  It is just a big sunday lunch and most of the prep work is done.  Today I will peel the spuds and get the vegetables ready so there will be little to do on the actual day.  Yesterday we took Dan for a lead walk up to the shops but Tubby came too as he is very well behaved on the lead and knows to sit at each pavement so he is a very good instructor.  Though Dan was scared of the traffic there was no big dribbles so hopefully he is beginning to realise that the huge lorries are not a threat even though they make a lot of noise.

For lunch we had a pasta fest but a very simple dish of plain boiled pasta dressed with shed loads of butter and parmesan.  Sounds pathetic but it is really very tasty and is one of a group of dishes known as pastasciutta or dry pasta.  Supper was the ham I had cooked with egg and chips which were obtained from the kebab shop up the road.  It is so much easier to buy a portion of ready cooked chips from them rather than stink out the house deep frying.  Today being christmas eve it will be a fish fest with the lobster tails I bought in Aldi forming the centre piece.  Interestingly I was reading up on the traditions of the christmas tree which of course is a German tradition and apparently it is considered bad luck to bring the tree indoors before christmas eve.  I know when I was a child you never saw the tree until after midnight mass when it was officially Christmas  it was a huge surprise and the candles were real.  Who was the lucky girl who got a whole bedroom set for her dolls?

Diane aged 4 at her grandmothers house
What happy memories of christmas past.  Things were simpler in those days and expectations lower it was not long after the war so no one had any money.  Presents were strictly limited to children the grown ups just ate and drank and made merry.
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