Wednesday morning back with my precious cargo

Good morning all, I am back after a thoroughly good trip with no hiccups.  Everything went according to plan and we made such good time back yesterday that we had time to take the boys for a small walk on the beach at Sangatte then a good lunch for Shiona and I before catching our train home.  Sally was at my door as we drew up and gave us a hand unloading our precious cargo.  Dante had been a bit sick and very dribbly so his brother was a bit damp to say the least.  However they didn't make a peep all the way home. At the moment we are spending some quality time together before the other monsters are out of bed but Dante is far too busy exploring to have his photo taken.

Today will be the first day of school for the new boy there are so many things to learn like apparently you  are not supposed to do pee pee on the kitchen floor. The worksurfaces in the kitchen where they keep all the good things are out of bounds even though I am tall enough to help myself with no trouble.   I am very disappointed with my new humans there seem to be so many rules at this new school.  But I did have a very good nights sleep. The nice Japanese lady gave me a shiatsu massage just before bed and I slept very well as I was so tired after being locked in a box on wheels for the whole day.  There is an older boy at the school called Tubby and I think he may be crazy.  Then there is very old man called Nip who just ignores me completely.  The humans seem to be OK but they are very strict and I can see I have much to learn.  My brother has disappeared apparently he is going to a different school so I guess I will have to make do with this shower.  I have been sent to school with all the wrong stuff my jacket is several sizes too big and as for my shoes they would not be out of place on a polar bear. Even my ears are the wrong size and hang in my water bowl when I try to have a drink  I seem to be built all wrong!!!  Although my house is filled with lots of interesting stuff it all seems to be call NO. I did try to type this myself but Mum says I haven't got the skills yet.  What is wrong with gpovbpovbpobvpaiabvpiab it makes perfect sense to me.  I give up, I'm going back to bed!!!

By the way can any of you tell me what is meant by anthropomorphism.  Have a good day all I know I will.
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