Wednesday Morning 5 days to go

Yesterday went according to plan and I finally got my turkey ordered.  As you can imagine my focus is not on Christmas at the moment so I am having to keep myself on track.  I have managed to avoid buying toys for Dante as I know from past experience that puppies are very happy with plastic bottles, and cardboard boxes. The main object of their play is to destroy the toy especially when they are teething.  At least this is a cheaper alternative.  I will, however, get the dogs some sort of chew each as a present which they can unwrap on Christmas morning after all it wouldn't be christmas unless you are knee deep in wrapping paper. I think Dante is going to be very pleased with his big crate where he can play with his things and not have the older boys take them from him.  I spoke with Shiona on the phone last evening only to find she is really very under the weather but she is confident she will have improved enough for the trip.  Fingers crossed we both stay on our feet until that day. Though I could do the trip alone I really would rather have some company.

Today, I am going to focus my attention on making sure that the laundry gets done and out of the way so I have a clear run at the weekend.  Denny is coming on Monday morning just as we are about to leave. She usually comes on a Tuesday but she has a hospital appointment so she is coming on Monday instead.  It is going to be chaos but at least I will be coming home to a clean house.  I think Tuesday nights supper will be a take-away.

As it is bin day that will be my first job and I know that the mice have been at one of the bags in the garage so it is a real mess.  I have two wheelie bins for the garden refuse but I think I will have to store rubbish bags in one to make sure that the rats and mice don't have another field day with them. It seems to be completely impossible to rodent proof the garage as they have chewed through the door step to gain access. Perhaps I need to borrow a hungry cat!!!!

The pork chops we were going to have yesterday have been pushed on to lunch for today as no one fancied them last night.  At least this saves me having to think what to have for which I am grateful. Well thats about it for this morning time to get dressed and tackle the mess in the garage and get the washing machine going.  Have a good day all and I hope the weather is not too awful for you.

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