Tuesday Morning

Good morning all it is absolutely perishing here and the heating has just come on so the dogs, who are not stupid, have all devolved to the crate which just happens to be by the biggest radiator.

For those who think dog crates are a bad idea please note the open door

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day I took Dante to the vet who just happened to be an Italian from my region of Italy so it was nice to have a bit of a chat.  She was also happy that I had had a spinone before and knew that they are very intelligent hunting dogs who need to work.  She commented that people get them because they look cute but don't realise they need to work or they get bored and mischievous.  For Dante it was a traumatic experience as we had to walk some distance along the main road with all the nasty traffic and by the time we got home he was poleaxed.  Lunch was a complete mismatch of bits we had roasted quails wrapped in bacon, mashed potatoes and some stir fried chinese leaves with garlic and ginger.  Sort of east meets west supper, on the other hand, was all east as I made a hardboiled egg curry and basmati rice.  I got a couple of loads of laundry done as I was expecting Denny today but sadly her daughter, who has a small baby, is suffering from the lurgy so mum needs to step in.  Walking out in the cold air set me off again and I coughed and spluttered my way through the day.

Today I have a yen to make choux pastry [thermomix] and I am going to make some beignets which I will fill with some blue cheese slackened off with a bit of mayo.  Somehow I don't think this will be enough to keep my men fed for the day so I will have to think of something else.  I have loads of smoked salmon and half an iceberg lettuce so maybe that will bulk out lunch.  As for supper who knows!! perhaps a takeaway if I am fed up with cooking.  One thing we are blessed or maybe cursed with is multiple takeaways of all varieties.  As this was an area where the gurkhas were stationed we even have a Nepalese which is very nice.  I guess as Denny is not coming today I had better push the hoover around a little and make this kennel more like a house. Dan has been busy destroying a cardboard box but as his teeth are still his baby ones he is making heavy weather of it so Tubby has helped him out.  He can shred a huge box in milliseconds who needs a shredder when you have such helpful dogs!!!!

Have a good one and stay warm thermals are in order if you are braving the outdoors........
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