Tuesday Morning

Don't ask how long it has taken this poor old fool to upload this tiny piece of video.  I have been all around the houses and finally sent it to myself as an email which seems to have worked or at least I hope it has.

Now for gammon cooked in cocacola well it has turned out to be a very nice recipe with the ham taking on a sweetness from all that sugar.  My only criticism is that it is a bit dry which I assume is due to over cooking on my part.  We had another dose of the prawn cocktail for lunch but this time made with chinese leaves instead of lettuce and with a pack of queen scallops added to the prawns. Just what the doctor ordered with a couple of slices of granary bread and butter.  Supper was the ham sliced and served with a big batch of coleslaw made with half the red cabbage.  

We took Dante out in the car yesterday but only as far as the rugby field [5 minutes drive].  Our reasoning was that a very short ride to a really exciting place might get him over his car sickness and sure enough though he had drooled a little he had not been sick.  Having the other dogs in the car all excited and happy will hopefully rub off on him.  We only did one circuit of the football field and a few recalls before it was obvious that Dante was out of gas.  Sally, the girl for whom I brought in the second puppy now called Arlo, sent me a lovely bunch of flowers and thank you card.  They are very Christmasy all red roses and carnations and some lovely red alstromerias a really nice mix.

If the video plays you will see that the game is for Tubby to pin Dante to the floor and it is Dante's job to kick seven bells out of him and escape.  Poor Tubby's undercarriage is badly scratched but he seems intent on keeping the game going no matter what the cost.  

Today on the menu is a carbohydrate fest as we are going to have pasta for lunch and as yet no decision has been made regarding supper - perhaps a couple of rounds of ham and mustard sandwiches.  I hate the days leading up to Christmas in terms of catering I try to keep it light and with us all a bit crook that seems to be fitting bill well.  

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