Tuesday Morning

Good morning all yesterday was a bit of a washout, I had intended to go to the butcher and put in my christmas order but to my surprise they were closed.  However at least the bank was open so I got a few jobs done there.  I then swung back via Tesco and stocked up on a few bits and pieces.  Sadly it would appear to be rutting season and my stags are busy locking antlers.  Having spent years trying to keep them on the straight and narrow I have decided to let them get on with it.  Once Denny arrives I am out of the door.  I am short of coffee and so I am going to head for Faversham and you can be sure that I will buy more than just coffee.  I now have all the ingredients to make a big bolognese sauce but that will have to wait until Denny is finished as she will want a clear run at the kitchen.

As you can see Dante is growing well, he is turning into a lovely chunky boy.  I must admit I am sorry to miss this part of his life.  I will have to spend some quality time with him when he arrives so we can form a bond before we start training for real.  We will have to hope that he and Tubby get on well.  I dare say there will be the odd argument but once they have settled the hierarchy there should be peace and harmony.  If only men were so easy to train!!!!

Well thats about for it this morning I need to have a bit of tidy round so Denny has a clear run at the house.  She comes fortnightly and the next time she comes will be the day I return from France so I hope that Dan will be duly impressed with his new home!!!

Have a good one it is perishing cold outside this morning so wrap up warm.
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