Tuesday morning 6 days to go

Good morning all another chilly one according to the thermometer just 2 degrees.  I had a bit of a vegetable fest yesterday and though we gave it all a good bashing I am still left with some braised cabbage, dauphinoise potatoes and some roasted roots.  I am now wondering if I throw the lot into the thermomix with some stock if I might end up with a palatable soup. There is not enough of anything to make a sensible portion for the three of us so I think I will give it a go if it fails I will have lost nothing but a bit of stock.  The dogs quite like some gravy on their biscuits and I am sure they will help me out.  This is where I miss the hens they were always willing to eat up leftovers.  I really do hate throwing food away.  Especially as we are hearing so much about people who are going short of food.  In this day and age that is a terrible thing; who would have thought we would need food banks in the UK.

Today is going to be fairly busy as I have to take Mike to see Terry this morning and while he is doing his thing I am off to the bank to draw the remainder of the cash for Dante.  The breeders are happy to have it in sterling so that will not be a problem.  I have some Euros in cash for the odd coffee and everything else will end up on the card. Thank goodness for plastic it really is very useful on occasions like this.  I also need to have a go at the car which is currently a 4x4 dustbin I may even go mad and take it to the Albanians for a good clean.  They are very conveniently situated opposite Aldi so I can waste some time shopping.  Cleaning the outside at this time of year and just before a long journey is foolish but they do a splendid job of the interior which is in desperate need of a good hoover.

Well that is the plan how much of it I get accomplished is in the lap of the gods.  Did I remember to get the chops out last night? no of course not so that is my first port of call.  Have a good day all not long now I am really beginning to feel as if we are getting close.

p.s. The soup didn't work it was far too sweet from the beetroot really not to my taste.
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