Thursday morning

Snoozing together

We have got through day one with only one puddle on the puppy mat the rest have been in the garden and it has only cost me a couple of frankfurters. He has mastered coming in through the flap but hasn't worked out that it is a two way door.  It is quite difficult to type as he is very keen to join in as this is our quality time together.  Last night Elaine and her entire family came to visit so both Dante and Tubby had a grand time being made a fuss of.  They seem to have become firm friends and play very well together.   We were a little apprehensive that Tubby would be a bit too rough for Dante but actually he gives as good as he gets.  The are evenly matched in playing chase and when it comes to rough and tumble Tubby grabs Dantes ears and is rewarded with a right hook from one of those huge paws. Dante instigates a lot of play so he is definitely not afraid of Tubby.  Of course they are both afraid of Nip who has made it clear he doesn't want to do any rough and tumble and is to be treated with respect. Some how amidst all the fun I managed a trip to the shops and James put through 4 machine loads of washing.  We had beans on toast for lunch and for supper I did veal kidney jerez with rice.  I bought the kidney in the butcher in Lisieux and what a butcher it was I could have bought the entire shop with no trouble at all it all looked so wonderful.  Today Sandy is coming to pay us a visit.  No that's rubbish, she is coming to see Dan the man.  I have some fish for lunch but that is as far as I have thought.  I suppose at some time I will have to think of christmas up till now my life has been geared towards the French trip now that has been accomplished I have realised that there is life beyond that date and I need to start thinking about it.  As you can imagine I have a huge pile of ironing to keep me occupied, but everything is second to playing with the new guy and making the most of his babyhood.  In no time at all he will be all grown up so to hell with the housework I am just going to enjoy my baby. Today we will continue with the flap training and I don't think I will attempt the car again until after the weekend.  Then we will start anti car sickness training and also as he is a country dog we will be making a start on traffic awareness so I guess I will be sitting in the bus stop every evening watching the traffic on the A2.  Oh happy days!!!!  I do have some paper work to sort out regarding Dan's registration into the UK but there is no rush on that.  
Well that about it for today time to get my act together especially as it is Mikes school day so plenty to do.  Have a good one and I wish you could see the beaming smile on my face.
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