Thursday morning

And so the days tick by oh so slowly.  My sleeping habits seem to have gone to hell again and I was up at 2,30 but decided to put my TV on and watch some rubbish.  That worked a treat I was back asleep in no time.  Yesterday was perishing cold, that nasty cold drizzly sort of weather that gets through to your bones.  I finished off the bolognese sauce and assembled the lasagne for lunch which we had with a fresh green salad.  While I was out I bought 2 litres of coca cola, the full fat kind, as I intend to cook my ham in it.  This is something I have never tried before but according to Nigella it is great so we will have to wait and see. I am having great difficulty getting my head around christmas as I have other things on my mind.

I had a surprise phone call last night from the lady who taught the classes to which I had taken Basso. Having had a spinone herself she had a real soft spot for him and very quickly realised that he needed to work for real and had little or no interest in picking up bags of sawdust.  Anyway she and I both agreed that lesson one will be walking to heal as with a big dog you can't afford to get pulled all over the place.  The accepted method is to turn and walk in the opposite direction every time the dog pulls but this can be a long processes requiring endless patience as it can take you half an hour to do 100 yards.  However I am going to have to make this a priority as he is going to be very big and strong and I am getting older a weaker.

The laundry is now finished but you should see the pile of ironing that is waiting for me.  Actually it is not the ironing that I hate it is the putting away so I am going to delegate that to the rutting stags, sadly the dogs are not trained for this job.  We are going to have another go at getting Mikes hearing aids sorted out lets hope they don't cancel this appointment and as it is late in the afternoon we may even be able to park the car.

Well thats about it for today time to get dressed and out with the dogs now that it is light.  Then I will tackle the laundry before next weeks washing comes to meet it.
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