Thursday Morning 4 days to go

Good morning all.  I had a lovely surprise yesterday.  There was a knock at the door and a parcel was delivered.  I was perplexed as I couldn't remember ordering anything but this often happens when I order plants or bulbs which get delivered months after the order is placed by which time I have completely forgotten.  As I unwrapped the parcel I was surprised to see a very odd sort of contents there were packets of sweets and biscuits and a couple of books.  Then I found the card it was a gift from Sally who is having the other puppy. The supplies will do nicely for the car and the puzzle book will keep Shiona and I amused but best of all is a small book entitled "a dog's guide to humans".  It is in fact a dog training guide but written from the dogs perspective and is hilarious to read and oh so true.  I am quite sure all my dogs have read this manual and are very skilled at human training.  There is a lovely quote from the section on outdoor activities which explains about stealing underwear "You will be rewarded with squeals of delight when they see their best bra or undies hanging out of your mouth"

Basso with my best bra

Obviously Basso had read the manual and apparently the objective is to get your human to chase you round the garden and very successful it is too even in the snow.  It has taken me over an hour to find and retrieve this picture.  I knew I had it somewhere but as I am a lazy person my photos are not well labeled so finding them is a bit of chore.  This might be a good project for the long cold winter days perhaps I should go through and label my photos properly.

Today Mike is off to "school" so I have the day to myself, the laundry is done so now it is the ironing that is left to do.  Elaine my friend is hoping to pop in for a coffee this morning and then I intend to go and do a bit of shopping for a coat with a hood.  I have one which is just a wet weather coat but it is very thin and not at all warm.  Alternatively I may look at a cossack hat instead but I do need something to keep my ears warm when the bitter siberian wind blows up the Medway.  Well that is the plan for the day such as it is and now I am going to get going with the ironing because I am slowly freezing to death and a least ironing is a warm pursuit.  Sadly the kitchen is tidy so I don't have the option of a nice hot sink of washing up.  OK coffee number 2 and make a start.  
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