Sunday morning

My computer seems to have gone into meltdown following an upgrade.   I have no idea what to do as all I now have is a blank screen. It tries to reboot but the progress bar just disappears and I am left with a completely blank screen and cursor.

Yesterday I declared this a turkey free zone.  All the leftovers have been dealt with; a pie for lunch and the rest in the freezer.  I for one will be very happy not to see turkey until next Christmas.  I will keep this short as typing on the iPad is not my favourite occupation.

Anyway it looks like I might have to take the puter to the apple shop unless anyone knows how to hard reboot it?

Thank goodness for google I have managed to hard reboot and get the stupid thing going again.

The best of buddies

I am off to Aldi this morning as I need a few bits and pieces and they have some 80 litre boxes for sale which I hope will be useful to store my rubbish bags as the rats are having a field day with the polythene bags put out in the garage.  

Anyway I am much relieved that I am back up and running and the problems seem to have been solved.  

Have a good day, it is perishing cold here time for the thermals I think!!!!
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