Sunday Morning

Is it breakfast time yet?

Let me know when you get fed up yet another photo of Dante! I have tried to get a good shot of him but I am better at hitting a moving target with gun than a camera.

Rough and tumble with Tubby

Yesterday was a mediocre day I took Mike out to the shops while I bought the last few oddments needed for the christmas festivities.  I needed a panettone as our house breakfast tradition requires a large slab of panettone dunked in a big mug of coffee while listening to christmas carols.  I had the most wonderful compliment paid to me in the shop.  There was an Italian couple with some kids trying to decide which of the assorted makes of pasta was best.  This I couldn't resist so I pointed out the best I had yet found.  "Oh you are Italian" the husband exclaimed, I explained that it was my mother who came from Trieste but to be mistaken for a native was a huge compliment.  Lunch was some of the lovely "Black Watch", scotch eggs and assorted bits and pieces.  Supper on the other hand was "if you can find it, you can eat it".  I went off to bed early as I was feeling pretty rotten this miserable cold just won't shift and after all the excitement I am crashing back to earth with a vengeance.  I will be sporting a nice big cold sore for the festivities which means I am really run down so it is time to take care of me.  James took over the late night toilet run as I had already entered the land of nod.

I have three nice short horn sirloin steaks for lunch today but I think I may well just make a nice pot of chicken broth for myself and have the steak for supper if I feel up to it.  I have just had a really good idea. If I make the base for a broth with the usual suspects of carrot, onion and celery I might as well make enough to make the base of my turkey soup and put it in the freezer ready to use.  So off to the kitchen to chop and sweat vegetables.... No doubt my sous chef will be in attendance incase I drop anything on the floor.  This will make you laugh he has seen the other dogs lick the plates in the dishwasher so when I opened the crockery cupboard he dived straight in to lick the plates only to withdraw looking perplexed, they taste of nothing so what is the attraction!!!! His favorite cupboard is the one where it is winter all the time which is full of good stuff like cheese and meat.  

Have a good day all and I hope your preparations are all going according to plan.  Hopefully come the day I will feel less like a dish cloth and more like a human being.

P.S. the days get longer after todays winter solstice but I think winter is still to come. 
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