Sunday morning and the last day

Yes it's here at last the final day before we are off to France.  Yesterday was bitterly cold and I spent most of the day faffing around.  Today James has volunteered to take my car for the dog walk and then he will fill it with petrol and take it to the Albanians for a wash.  Once that is done I can start loading up with all the kit and caboodle that we will be taking with us.  Contingencies for both humans and puppies.  I haven't quite got round to packing my overnight bag but how long can it take to pack a toothbrush, hairbrush, clean underwear and a night shirt.  I can honestly say that these last six weeks have been some of the longest of my life.  I seem to have been treading water and living from day to day wishing my life away.  Well at last we are here and Shiona is hoping to get to us around 5pm by which time I should have a massive shepherds pie in the oven getting a nice brown top.  For lunch today we are really pushing out the boat and having some corned beef hash the preparations for which I will make shortly so that all I have to do is assemble the parts and heat it up.

I had bit of a rocky night last night but I am hopeful that once we are back with the dogs safely home I will settle down and relax a bit.  I don't suppose Dante will give me much time to relax but that is a different kind of stress and one that I hope to enjoy.  Yesterday, while I was up the road getting a few bits I noticed that our corner store has primula cheese in a tube.  This makes a great training aid and saves you carrying loads of biscuits in your pocket.  The reward for good behaviour is just a lick of the end of the tube.  As yet of course I don't know how many commands he will be familiar with and as his breeders are British I hope he is fluent in English.  My French is pretty basic, enough to get by but definitely not fluent.  I wish I had paid more attention at school!!!!  Shiona's french is about as good as mine so we will no doubt be able to muddle through together.  Hopefully we will not need it much.  The one thing I can read in french is a menu so dinner tomorrow night should be fine.  We are intending to trawl the town for somewhere nice to eat.  Then it will be an early night ready for an early start back in the morning.  If all goes according to plan we should be back home here around 4pm Shiona then has another hours run to get home.  I have promised to keep Sally appraised of the timings so she can judge her journey to us.  Her husband is a plasterer which is not the sort of job you can just drop at any time. If you are halfway through a wall you have to finish it.  With the hour difference we actually arrive in UK before we have left France - depart 15.20 arrive 14.55 all a bit confusing.  

It is absolutely perishing cold again this morning with the outside thermometer reading just 1ºC and though it might be frosty at least there is no snow.  The wind has finally dropped so I am hoping for a good run through.  I was a little worried that they might close the le Havre bridge in high winds but that doesn't look likely. 

OK that's about it for this morning time to get the spuds and onions organised for lunch and some veg to go with the pie for tonight.  The spare room is all prepared and all the paperwork gathered into one place. My handbag has been turfed out to allow for sat navs and mobile phones and chargers etc.  I have a padlock for the dog cage so we can leave them in the car if necessary without fear that they will be stolen.  I may be a bit paranoid about this but Kent is the worst county in England for dog theft and gun dogs are particularly highly prized.  Not that many people would recognise a spinone as a gun dog.  Have a good day all and keep warm if you can it is freezing outside.
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