Sunday morning 8 days to go

Poor James had a miserable day with his back,  we did all various cures hot baths etc. However in the end it takes as long as it takes.  Backs seem to be a law unto themselves.  Getting out this morning was fun the car was thick with ice and took an age to defrost so I guess winter is really here.  The car has one magic button which puts on everything hot at full blast so it is just a case of sitting and waiting for it to defrost rather than spending your time scraping.  I did manage to get in before the hoards but I am not the only one taking advantages of this quiet time there were quite a few early morning shoppers.

The chicken curry went down well for lunch.  It was only a gentle mild curry which suited Mike.  Supper was equally unimaginative.  Home made burgers in buns stuffed with lots of salad.

I know it's Sunday but I really fancy some leek and potato soup with crispy crusty croutons. And possibly just a splash of cream.  I also have a hankering for a real carbonara and as have some good quality pancetta it seems a logical meal.  My body seems to be screaming out for carbs and I am in no mood to argue.  Perhaps it is the cold weather or the purgatory of waiting which is driving my quietly nuts.  I think I have made all the necessary preparations so I am now at a loose end.  I have deliberately left all the Christmas stuff until after Puppy Day.  I have a suspicion that I may be inundated with visitors once Dante gets here.  From what the breeders have said he is gut bucket so I don't think we will have any problems with finicky eating, besides there is also some competition with the other two dogs.   I thought I might make a batch of mince pies to have ready to hand so visitors can have one with a drink and as they freeze so well they can just sit in the freezer until wanted.

Well on that happy note I am off to the shower before I get really cold.  Have a good day all and I hope you are nice and warm cosy where you are.
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