Saturday Morning

While the others are asleep I get pick of the toys

Yesterday being boxing day we had our obligatory walk down by the estuary with all the dogs.  It was a longer ride for Dante but though he was drooly he was not sick so that is good news.  Sadly the local running club had infested our route which made it all a bit of a pain.  Tubby decided to give them a demonstration of real running but they couldn't keep up so he got bored with them.  Dante was just bemused by all the legs and was not pleased with their rudeness as he tried to greet each and every one as any polite dog would do.  Once they had passed we thought we were safe but they turned at the carpark and ran back through us.  This time we sat the dogs up to watch as they jogged slowly past.  Then at last we had the place to ourselves and much sniffing and exploring could be done.

Now I bet you can't guess what we had for lunch?  Yes you've got it cold turkey and the big bubble and squeak that I put in the oven to crisp up.  Supper was much more to my taste as the carcass had simmered all day and the broth was to die for along with some pastina and a big wallop of grated parmesan.  This is my favourite meal of the whole holidays.  It brings back such memories of childhood and family.  This might be a genetic trait as James too loves this meal.  Anyway today the remaining meat is going to be made into a pie along with some of the ham I held back, mushrooms and gallons of white sauce made 50/50 with milk and stock.  A puff pastry lid [shop bought] will complete the dish.  I think I will have plenty so I will freeze a portion to have once we have forgotten all about turkey.  I think as we have all been under the weather with this dratted cold none of us is up for anything complicated or rich.  Comfort food is the order of the day.  

Dan the man is now fully conversant with the outdoor facilities but he does need to be reminded however he performs on command so it is not a big chore.  One of us comes down last thing and sends him out to empty his tanks before the long night.  I send him out first thing then he goes back to bed as I am very boring all I do is type and drink coffee.  He has also grasped that when his teddy is thrown in the cage he is to follow as it is bed time.  From what I have seen so far he seems to be quite a bright spark so hopefully training will come easily.  I will enjoy these early days as I know once he reaches the teenage years and decided he knows it all things may prove a bit more difficult.  Are you doing anything exciting with your leftovers?

Anne I am worried about your other half I hope he is drinking plenty and will soon pick up.  I'm quite sure that christmas stress is responsible for all the ill health.  My beautiful cold sore is gradually going so I guess I am getting my mojo back.  I feel as if I have been underpar for about 6months but I know that is a bit of an exaggeration it just feels that way.

Well time for a bit of quality time with Dan then it will be on with the pie mix and I had better remember to get the pastry out of the freezer if I am to make a lid with it.  The laundry is piling high but to hell with it, it can wait, I have the rest of my life to get to grips with the housework.  One thing is for certain it will not go away!!!!!

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