Saturday Morning

Flat out sound asleep

Yesterday morning we had a visit from the OT's who had come to see Mike but as you can imagine there was also some puppy playing time.  I got on with the bits and pieces for Xmas so they are all now in the freezer and all I have to do is cook the bird and do the veg so it will be rather like a big sunday lunch.  I kept back some of the bubble and squeak which we had for lunch with some crispy bacon.  We are all at the tail end of a rotten cold which is taking its time to go so as none of us was feeling up to much we had a prawn cocktail with bread and butter for supper.  It was infact just what we all wanted.  I had made a bucket full of marie rose sauce and shredded a largish lettuce so it was not a small portion.  I even managed to do the ironing and get that put away.  Dante started the day rather badly by smashing a second bowl but we made a concentrated effort to use the OFF word and by the end of the day things had improved dramatically.  The crazy jumping up has stopped and he seems much more laid back.  He had his first walk to the top of the road 100 yards approximately and we sat and watched the traffic.  He was very frightened and dribbled copiously: It is a far cry from the rural idle he came from.  There is so much to learn and these early days are when it needs to happen. Toilet training is going according to plan with only one small puddle in error and the flap to the garden is now a source of amusement in itself.  He likes to go out and look back in at us through the patio doors, perhaps it is us who are the zoo specimens.

At some point I am going to have to go to the shops and make some sort of plan about food over the next few days but at the moment we are winging it. Absolutely everything is on the back burner while we play with our new friend.  He has become disheartened with his typing progress and had gone back to bed to wait for his mate Tubby to get up then it will be mayhem.  We find ourselves sitting for hours watching the games of rough and tumble.  At the moment Tubby can pin him to the floor but that will not last long as he grows Tubs will be in for a shock. He is already taller but doesn't have the weight or strength yet.

I sorted out the birds Sandy had brought me and they are now in the freezer and will make a sumptuous game pie some time in the new year.  I am in two minds as to whether to do a hot-water crust pastry or go for the puff pastry lid type.  I suppose it would be better for our figures to go for the puff pastry lid.  I have some courgettes lurking in the fridge so I think I will make a batch of pancakes.  I'm sure they will get eaten at some point in the day. 

Well thats about it for this morning only 5 days to go.
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