Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was another sort of non day, we were all feeling tired and listless so we largely squandered the day just faffing around.  There was the tiniest glimmer of sunshine late in the afternoon but we had all given up hope by then.  James has done his back in so he is very miserable as that is really the last thing he needed anyway hopefully a day of rest will make things a bit better but backs are horrid things I know I have been there. Do you rest it or keep it on the move? it doesn't seem to matter which option you choose it will get better in its own sweet time. Tubby has stayed welded to James side and only appeared for his meals.  Mike seems a bit happier with his hearing aids now that he has no buttons to push just a volume wheel and the lady in audiology, who took no prisoners, read him the riot act about wearing both his hearing aids.  The good news is that his hearing hasn't deteriorated from his last hearing test.

I feel very much in limbo land it's too soon to start getting really excited so I feel I am just frittering away the days doing mundane chores and keeping the ship afloat and the crew fed and watered. Time seems so endless when you are waiting for something yet it passes in a flash when you are doing something exciting.  It seems to be another perishingly cold day with the outside thermometer reading just 1ÂșC.  Time to wrap up warm me thinks.  I am going to make a quick foray out to Tesco this morning and intend to get there before the hoards.  I quite like shopping amongst the self stackers as there is a nice atmosphere and they are all very jolly as it is nearly time for them to go home. Today I am going to put some of my curry sauce to good use together with some chicken thighs.  I also intend a trip down the baby aisle as I need to stock up on baby wipes and nappy sacks for my journey just in case of puppy problems.  I usually have both in the car anyway as they come in very handy, picking Nip up to put him in the car frequently leaves me with very muddy hands so they are a good standby for me too.

Well thats about it time I got to the shops if I am going to make it before the rush.  It is still pitch black outside but it will be getting light soon.  Have a good day all only 9 days to go!!!!
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