Saturday morning only one more day to go

Good morning all sorry to be so late but I kind of overslept this morning.  I did wake at my usual time of 3am but was in a flat spin of panic so I took a sleeping tablet which has knocked me out until now. I can only assume that this is pre trip nerves which is setting me off on the panic route.  I don't feel anxious but may be I am subconsciously.  If this all clears up when I get back I will know for certain. 
Yesterday was a good day I was feeling so much better in myself no runny nose problems and I got on with the chores of the day.  

I rang the feed chandler and sadly the puppy food has not yet arrived but should be here on Monday so James will go and collect as I will be on my way.  I will have to take some of my ordinary dog food with me for the just in case scenario.  I am fairly sure that at a pinch the puppies would eat whatever they are given even if that is a tuna sandwich from a garage.  Dogs are pretty good at eating whatever is available.  Basso was never a thief and I could leave a steak inches from his nose but he wouldn't have dreamt of touching it.  Dante may not be the same, some dogs are inveterate thieves.  But I do know of a cure, you leave something for them to steal but unknown to the dog you should have attached loads of tin cans to the bait so that when it is stolen all the cans fall on the dogs head making one hell of a noise which frightens them to death and hopefully puts them off taking other things they are not supposed to take.  Well thats the theory anyway.

Today is just a case of muddling through the day and collecting all the bits and pieces I need to take in one place so they are easy to load into the car.  I have some collapsing plastic boxes which are always handy for just this sort of thing.

We have had them for years and use them when we go camping as once empty they stack up taking very little room.

Shiona is anticipating arriving at around 5pm tomorrow so I must remember to get the shepherds pie out of the freezer this evening so it is ready to just put in the oven to brown the top.  As for today I haven't got a clue yet I had better go and have a trawl through the freezer and see what I can find. Alternatively I might be really lazy and go for a couple of pasties from the baker for lunch and a chinese for supper.  This would absolve me of all responsibility - sounds good to me!!!!

Anyway have good day. We have sunshine but it is bitterly cold and from what I have seen the weather for the trip should be OK. Until tomorrow

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