Monday Morning

Good morning all it is jolly cold here with the temperature down to 1ºC still above freezing but very cold none the less.  I had a trip round Aldi yesterday to stock up on a few bits and pieces and I noticed just how much stuff was left from the Christmas stock - now is the time to be buying everything.  Things like smoked salmon and prawns are all at giveaway prices.  I bet you could buy a turkey for 2p.  As we are all feeling a little jaded we feasted on loads of prawn cocktail which everyone seems really keen on at the moment.  Perhaps it is just the marie rose sauce they are having a yen for but it is so nice and easy to prepare who am I to complain.

My kitchen has recessed lights buried in the ceiling - they look nice but are not bright enough for my liking and over the holidays two of the bulbs blew.  They are real pigs to change and I am now out of replacement bulbs so they are on my list for today.  I also thought I would walk Dante to the vet up the road and register him there as he is still short of the second half of his leptospirosis vaccine.  It will also give me an opportunity to weigh him and adjust his food accordingly.  He seems to be permanently hungry but it might just be that he is a gut bucket by nature.  He has obviously had to battle his siblings for food and we are gradually getting him to realise that the portion is all his and no one is going to take it from him.  He has shown no aggressive behaviour guarding his food and I can lift the bowl out from under him at will which is good.  The other dogs will defend their plates from him though he still tries to help them out he is sent packing. We reinforce the pack hierarchy by feeding the elder statesman first followed by Tubby and Dante is last being bottom of the pack. Getting the bowls down in order is quite a task as Dan gets desperate that he is going to miss out.  I can get him to sit for a millisecond before he dives headlong into his meal.  The others know that you wait until you are given the command EAT before you may start.  

Today for lunch I have some quails in the freezer which I will get out now so they have time to defrost.  I have a yen for mashed potatoes and there is some broccoli which is looking sad so I guess it is on the menu.  I really need to make an effort to plan my meals a bit better as at the moment is all very haphazard which actually makes life difficult.

Next year I have a very difficult decision to make with regard to the caravan do I keep it or do I sell it?  If I sell I will be acknowledging that it is the end of an era and I can kiss goodbye to holidays with the dogs.  If I hang on to it, it is just an expense which is not getting the use it should and clearing it of the contents ready to sell will be quite a task. For the present I am burying my head in the sand and procrastinating.   Neither option pleases me.

Well thats about it for this morning these days between Christmas and New Year are difficult but lets hope that the coming year brings a bit of peace and harmony.  

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