Monday Morning

Good morning all only a few days to go to the big one.  It is extremely mild outside with temperatures in double figures for which I am grateful as my first job of the morning is to take Dan the man out for his toilet training.   Yesterday evening we had a little walk up and down the road to introduce ourselves to our various neighbours and wish them all a happy christmas.  It was also another opportunity to meet with traffic and noise.  At the moment Dan behaves very well on the lead but I am sure that will not last once he is a bit more confident.  I am making a start on celebrating today with a large piece of gammon which I am going to cook in cocacola.  This will be a first for me and I will let you know if it is successful.  There is a Nigella Lawson recipe for this which I am going to follow. The joint is too big for just the three of us so I intend to cook it then divide it up into meal sized portions which I will vacuum pack and/or freeze.  I also have a fairly large red cabbage which I am going to halve and make into both coleslaw and spiced red cabbage.  While all this cooking is going on we have all decided that the prawn cocktail we had the other day for lunch was such a success that a repeat performance is called for. Then by supper time there should be a nice bit of ham to eat but how we have it will depend on how we are all feeling.  

I shot out to Aldi yesterday when it opened at 10 but knowing how popular it is on Sundays I was in the car park by 9.30 as by 10 there is no room and people are queuing round the block to get in.  In our house it is traditional to have fish on christmas eve for supper and to this end I managed to get some of their lobster tails in garlic butter.  Again something nice and light in preparation for the big day. Catering is quite difficult at the moment with everyone under the weather and appetites at rock bottom.  Thank heavens for the freezer and vacuum packing.  I can see us eating christmas fare until well into January.  Last night we had the steaks which went down well with a couple of sweet potato wedges.  The three dogs made short work of the bits of fat and gristle.  Dan has not yet learned that in this house you share with your friends and that food is distributed fairly.  It is not a case of he who pushes hardest gets the most.  He seems to have stopped taking things off the work surface but there is a trap set for him if he does, he will find himself wearing a large colander on his head which should deter him.  It is no use getting old if you don't get canny!!!!  and on that note I will leave you to your preparations.  We have various traditions in the family which have been handed down through the generations I expect you do too.  I would be interested to hear what yours are.  
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