Monday Morning

Here we are in December at last and the count down is progressing well.  Anyone would think I was launching the mission to mars!!!!  Not just going to Normandy on a day trip.  I was in a reflective mood yesterday and ran through my collection of early Bob Dylan's protest songs from the 60s.  I was struck by the fact that nothing much has changed since then and some of the strong lyrics still hold good for today.  "You don't count the dead when God's on your side" struck a particular chord given the mayhem in the middle east.  We may have the internet and microwave ovens but we still haven't learned to live and let live.

Moving on, the chicken stock made a really lovely risotto for lunch and a good meal for the dogs from the bits and bobs off the carcass.  Supper was a simple affair of bacon and egg sandwiches. Today my mind is a blank and I have to take Mike to see Terry at 1pm which is really inconvenient for lunch, do we eat before we go or after we come back? Neither is very convenient.  Perhaps we should abandon lunch and have brunch and dinner.   Being the first of the month I have a short list of chores to do.  Back flush the pond pump and sharpen my knives being priorities.  Then the bank reconciliation and meter readings to send down the wires. 

I see that our wonderful hospital has made the national news again as the worst/most dangerous hospital in the country.  Fills you with confidence doesn't it.  Their latest mishap was to send a patients notes to a vet by mistake.  Lucky patient I say, they would probably get better treatment!!!! Sorry that is my natural facetiousness coming out.  On the positive side my drippy nose seems to have abated and not really developed into a full blown cold.  Now all I have to do is stay fit for 16 days.  Hold on to your hats, just look how enormous Dan is now.  He seems to be having a lovely time so he should be a well rounded puppy when we eventually get him and I think his mother will be pleased to see the back of him.

Mikes appointment with Terry has just been cancelled so the lunch dilemma is solved not that I know what we are going to have but at least I am not working around the appointment time.

Thats about it for this morning time to get going with the chores.

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