Monday morning and all set to go

Did I sleep well? you must be joking.  Far too excited and wound up but Shiona is here and we are fed and watered and as neither of us is into breakfast it will just be a good cup of coffee and then we will be underway.  It is our intention to leave home at 8.15 to make the tunnel by the allotted time. The weather seems to be in our favour it is not icy as it is already 6ºC.  As our car has to spend the night in the street I have not loaded it yet as there is no point in putting temptation in peoples path and it will only take 5 minutes to load up.  James made sure it was filled with fuel and that it was cleaned both inside and out by the Albanians.  The house is due to get clean also as Denny is coming this morning about 20 minutes before we are to leave.  Today's journey is the easy one as we have little time pressure so we can potter down stopping only for a quick lunch as it is our intention to have a good dinner tonight.  I am really glad I pushed the collection date on by one day as it turned out that the dogs passports had been wrongly dated and the vet will have to alter and stamp the change today.  That should avert my nightmare scenario of being trapped at the animal transport section of the terminal with 2 puppies and no means of getting home due to some bureaucratic cock up.  

We are hoping to get to Lisieux early enough to allow us a dry run out to the puppies home which is buried in the sticks.  That way we will have a better idea not only of how to get there but also of how long the journey from the hotel is. Then once that is done it will be our mission to find a decent restaurant and a good dinner.  I would like to get the legs of the journey sorted so that I am driving the last leg tomorrow which means that Shiona can rest before she has her journey home.  James and Mike have food for the day so they are catered for.  I had a good shower last night which will leave the bathroom free for Shiona this morning.  

I hope by the next time I am sitting here writing I will have Dante by my side and if I get the chance I will take some photos to show you.  In the mean time have a good couple of days and hopefully I will be with you on Wednesday morning. "Deo volente". 
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