Monday Morning 7 days to go

Good morning all, well it is only just morning I am up at very stupid o'clock but I will not be sitting around for long as it is very cold.  I could well have a mug of the remaining soup and go back to my duvet.  I made some very crunchy croutons to go with it with the remains of a heavily seeded loaf a good splash of olive oil and some garlic salt.  A very good way to use up what was a very stale loaf.  

Today I am in the mood for some fish so it will be Basa fillets with dauphinoise potatoes and greens of some kind.  Then if I remember to get them out we can have some pork chops tomorrow.  I have rather a lot of potatoes at the moment so I think I will try making mash and freezing it.  Mashed potatoes are always useful and it will save them going all sprouty.  I need to get to grips with the vegetable situation before the next box full arrives tomorrow.  I can see a big tray of roasted roots being on the menu at some point.  

I am keeping a close eye on the weather and though they have forecast snow I hope it will not be coming this far south just yet. After the 16th it can do what it likes - now how selfish is that!!!! Anybody got any money on a white Christmas?  I can't remember the last time we had one.  

Well thats about it for now I am quietly freezing so I am back off to my warm bed with a mug of hot soup.  Have a good day all - this time next week I will be packing the car for France and on my way. Shiona is coming over on the Sunday night so she will not have to make a very early start and we can leave at a civilised time.

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