Happy Christmas

Good morning all, well here we are at last the big day such as it is.  Yesterday saw the first day that I have felt even moderately well so I think the cold is finally abating.  It seems to have dragged on forever.  I had a quick run out to the butcher yesterday morning to pick up the turkey and was given loads of packs of giblets [heart, liver, gizzard, and neck] so my first mission was to put all the bits, with the exception of the livers, into the pressure cooker and make stock then when done the meat was picked over for the dogs.  The livers were blasted in the blitzer along with some cloves of garlic, an egg and some wholemeal flour.  Then into a tray in the oven and once cooked cut into cubes as dog treats. Dogs will do anything for a piece of liver cake and given that this was all free I made the most of it. The turkey itself had been brined overnight and is now draining ready to go in the oven.  

We ate very lightly. Lunch was scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and the for supper we had the lobster tails in garlic butter with an avocado and tomato salsa so hopefully everyone will be hungry today.  I was going to prepare the vegetables yesterday but decided that as I am up so early I will have plenty of time to get them done this morning.  After all how long does it take to peel a few spuds and parsnips and do the sprouts everything else is already done and just needs warming through so it should all go smoothly.  I am very keen to avoid over cooking the bird as there is nothing worse than ending up with saw dust when you carve.  To make carving easier I have removed the wishbone and I will be using my magic thermometer to make sure the bird is done just right then it can stand while I get on with the roast potatoes and other bits and bobs.

Dante is getting used to the routine in this house and knows that though I get up early and send him out for toileting I am not much fun thereafter so he goes straight back to bed and like all babies he is put to bed for a rest in the afternoon while I catch up on some sleep.  The rest of the time he charges around like an idiot with Tubby. The one thing he has learned is that if I am in the kitchen there is every likelihood that I might drop something good on the floor and hoovering is one of his fortes.  I think he may have the gardening gene as he has already pruned my new clematis but I guess it will do it no harm.  Fortunately he has not yet discovered how to use his paws as shovels and I am definitely not encouraging any such actions.  I can remember that Basso took a real dislike to my washing line pole and tried hard to excavate it along with the concrete block holding it in place.  How quickly one forgets all the little mishaps of puppyhood.  

Well that about it for this morning, time to get going with the vegetables and get everything ready so I can sit and enjoy the unwrapping of the presents and general chaos that will happen when the others get up.  It is nice to have some youngsters in the house even if they are dogs.  Hope all your plans work out and that your lunch is a roaring success and you can sit back and sleep in front of the TV content that you have pulled it off yet again.
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