Friday morning

Was it good for you?  everything went according to plan here.  My turkey cooked in the blinking of an eye but thank goodness it comes to no harm standing for a couple of hours under a tent of foil. The roast potatoes were to die for as they were done in goose fat and all the remaining bits and pieces were done to a turn. The four legged children went mad ripping up wrapping paper to get to the contents, stuffed marrow bones and squeaky toys.  The turkey necks etc made enough food for their breakfast and dinner not to mention Dan's lunch being a puppy he still has three meals a day.  He is very skinny but he needs to grow slowly as he needs time to develop his bones and joints ready to carry the final weight he will reach.  Spinone are notoriously difficult to get to gain weight when young and remain like gauky teenagers for ages.  Yesterday was a red letter day in Dans development he actually lifted his leg for the first time.  No little girly squat but like a big boy.  

Today is leftover day which is my favourite bit as it requires no work on my part, well I say no work but I will be pulling the carcass out from under the bird and preparing a turkey soup which is my personal favourite. So a big pot with carrot onion and celery then everything else that is leftover and not wanted.  There is easily half the bird left which I will slice and make presentable then it is every man for himself - If you can find it you can eat it!!!!! the catering department is effectively shut.  The weather has turned very cold again having been really warm for the last few days and James and I are going for a walk with the dogs down by the estuary.  This will be a first for Dan and will require a little longer in the car.  Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!!!! Once we are into the new year I will settle down and sort out all his paperwork and get him registered in this country and training will start in earnest.  

I must admit I feel a little shattered this morning but that is entirely my fault as I sat up half the night watching "Downton Abbey"  which seemed to be about 4 hours long.  I also watched the ballet "A winters tale" which was really lovely.  That is the only trouble with recording things you can sit a watch what you like when you like but it does lend itself to staying up late.  The house looks like a bomb has it it but who cares it can stay that way for a while.  I will take my time clearing it all up when I feel like it which is not today.  

Hope everything went according plan in your establishment and I hope Anne managed to get away without the nasty Norovirus.  Well thats about it for today the men are now up so I had better get off the computer and pretend I am interested in breakfast.
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