Friday morning

Please note that the crate door is open but Dante has claimed it as his bed

Good morning all, well what a day we had yesterday.  Dante was posted through the flap a few times with the help of a frankfurter.  It took virtually no time at all for him to get the message that using the flap earned you some sausage.  However, this didn't mean you can run in and out of the flap continuously and earn loads of sausage.  Now he only gets praised.  He managed to cause a disaster in the kitchen last night when he ran back down the garden, shot in through the flap, and reached up and pulled down his china bowl full of breakfast - I'm sure I don't need to paint you a picture of the ensuing chaos. He was desperate to eat the food and we were equally desperate to stop him eating broken china.  He is moving on to a stainless steel bowl today and the training will be stopping him jumping up and helping himself to whatever is on the work surface. He has the appetite of a horse and anyone seeing him eat could be forgiven for thinking he had never been fed.  Mike had a christmas party at his school so he came home exhausted.  Sandy had come bringing me some lovely pheasants and partridges which I will deal with today.  This gave us a nice chance for a chat and later in the day we had more visitors who came bearing cakes.  There is nothing like a new puppy to entice visitors.  Today we are expecting an OT to come and see Mike and she is a dog lover so who knows how much work will get done with him.  Tubby is a bit off colour and refused his supper then ate it and was sick so I will put him on boiled rice today which I hope will settle his tummy.  It is pouring with rain at the moment but at least the temperature is in double figures.  I am hoping to get some preparatory work done today.  I intend to make a large bubble and squeak to freeze ready for the cold turkey on boxing day.  I also still have the pigs in blankets and stuffing to make so that will occupy me for a while.  Did I tackle the big pile of ironing yesterday? you must be joking!!! it is still sitting in the basket.  As for what we are going to have to eat today who knows.  Last night for supper we all had something different as I was clearing the freezer out of single portions.  I can see cheese omelets being a high priority.  Well I think my todo list is long enough so I will go and make a start on some of it, funnily enough I keep getting distracted!!!!!!! 

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