Friday morning

Yesterday was the most miserable dark, damp, dismal, dreek, dreary, depressing day ever.  It did nothing to lift the spirits even a smidgen.   I plodded my way through the chores and ironing food got cooked  and eaten without enthusiasm.  Even the rutting males seem to be running out of energy.  The highlight of the day was Mike's appointment with the audiology department. I managed to get into the back of the hospital and park close to the area so Mike could walk.  We passed through a huge space which would do credit to a cathedral. In place of an altar there is huge sculpture of a chair.  Now this is the hospital where they have had to tack on a nissen hut to extend casualty.  The main entrance is no better there are acres of space there too.  None of it put to any good use. Oh and while I am in full rant the car parking cost £2 for half an hour that is more expensive than Harrods valet car parking.

Ok enough whinging and whining it is another miserable day today but at least I have sorted out all the paperwork for the french trip you know insurance and breakdown cover etc.  It does all seem a bit crackers I thought we were supposed to be a union but even though it is less miles than to scotland we still have to jump through all these hoops.  Anyway all done and dusted and hopefully all eventualities covered.  Today I am going to put together a box of bits for the puppies to have in the car and I have washed out the cages and their blankets so we are gradually getting there.  

Sorry if I seem a bit down today but I had a poor night again no panic just no sleep so I think I may just potter through the day with nothing too taxing to do.  Hope you get to see a glimmer of the sun where you are it really does lift the spirits.
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