Friday morning and only the weekend to go

Good morning all well yesterday saw us have a blast of very cold wind but it was dry and sunny not the case this morning it is raining cats and dogs but at least it is a bit warmer.  I had a bit of a bad day yesterday not only did I wake with one of the dreaded panic attacks, which I have been free of for ages, but I also had a really runny nose and cough.  Once Mike was off to school I dragged myself around Aldi for some essentials and also really pushed the boat out and bought myself a nice thick beanie hat for the princely sum of £2.40.  This should solve the cold ear problems when out with the dogs and considerably cheaper than a new coat.  The problem with the panic attacks is not so much the panic as I know in my mind there is no reason but that using that much adrenalin leaves you completely exhausted and washed out.  Given that I was not feeling my best anyway after a very unimaginative lunch of ready made pies I put myself to bed for a rest and would dearly have loved a couple of hours of sleep but no such luck.  Mike came home having had a decent 2 course meal so he was quite happy with our rather miserable supper of sausages and mash.  Now, to all problems there is an up side.  Yesterday at the centre there was some musical entertainment put on instead of the usual bingo session.  Mike is not into music he just doesn't have a musical gene in his body so lucky him he just took out his hearing aids and snoozed in his chair.

I must admit I feel somewhat better this morning still coughing but no panic or runny nose.  I have visions of Shiona and I driving down through France sustained by bottles of day and night nurse.  So I have supplied the car with a huge box of tissues.  I think my overnight bag might resemble a mobile pharmacy.  Today I have a mission to the feed chandler to pick up a bag of puppy food for Dante and Jimmy once we get home as I know they will  be very hungry by then having missed their lunch. Though I don't anticipate feeding them en route I will take some food just in case of a breakdown or hold up.  I took a few moments yesterday to make sure that I have all the relevant phone numbers in my mobile so I can keep in contact with both sides of the channel.  It is quite surprising how much messing about this journey is taking and trying to cover all contingencies requires a bit of thought and planning.

Today I also need to make sure that the guest bedroom is habitable and not in its usual state of general dumping ground.  As for food I have little or no idea what we are having but I do have some chicken legs and thighs in the freezer so I guess I will do something with them.  I am going to have to chose my moment to head to the freezer as it is still raining and blowing a hooly.  James back has finally righted itself so I have my second in command back which is just as well as I am somewhat off the boil.  Fortunately he is quite competent in the kitchen so if push were to come to shove he could easily take over.  Mike sadly is not to be trusted in the kitchen unless you are fond of grilled eggs and gravy that needs carving!!! That said he will eat anything I turn out no matter how off the wall it is.

As I have been writing this I am aware that I have used just about every cliche and colloquialism in the english language so heaven help the readers from the other side of the pond and beyond.  Ok lull in the rain time to make a dash for the garage and the freezer.  Have a good day and try to stay dry!!!!  
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