Wednesday Morning

Good morning all another chilly one but at least it is not frosty or wet.  Yesterday got blown out of the water Mikes appointment with audiology had to be cancelled due to sickness in the department so I set to and tried to organise to take Mike to see Terry his case worker but he is off sick too.  I suppose it is that time of year when the colds and flu raise their ugly heads.  I have had flu twice in my life and believe me I will never confuse a cold with flu again but people bandy the word around as though the two conditions were interchangeable.  I must admit I am keeping everything crossed that I don't come down with anything until I have my puppy safely home.  I must admit I am really glad Shiona is coming with me.  It will be nice to have some back up and Shiona is just the right sort of person.  Many years ago we were in northern Spain for work and had gone out for a walk around the town of Vitoria only to get hopelessly lost.  After what seem like an eternity my back, which was really bad at the time, finally gave out and I lost the will to live.  I had reached the point where I was quite happy to be left to die on the side of the road. With a mixture of encouragment, cajoling and bullying Shiona walked me from shop doorway to doorway and finally all the way back to the hotel. 
So I have every confidence in her not to mention eternal gratitude, and as you know she has been at my side through all the mayhem of the last few years.  I really am blessed with good friends.  

As everything got turned on its head we had sausage and beans for lunch and the meat pie was on the supper menu.  The mixture made enough for two pies. One we ate last night and the other is going in the freezer for when I am away as it is only enough for two.  The cavolo nero made a good accompaniment and in my box there was also a bunch of salsify which I cooked then fried off in some butter.  If you are not familiar with salsify don't bother it tastes of nothing and is a pain to peel. It is not a vegetable I would recommend.

Today is bin day so I will have to get it all out for the bin men but it is still very dark so not just yet. For lunch today I have some of the gallons of soup out of the freezer and will serve it with some very cheesy scones which I will make nearer the time.  I like to eat them hot out of the oven smothered in butter.  Not good for the figure but very tasty.  Supper tonight will be some lamb chops peas and potatoes nice and simple and easy.  

Well thats about it for this morning have a good day all

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