Wednesday morning

Good morning all sorry about yesterday but I over slept in a major way in fact I was still asleep when Denny arrived at 8 am.  I had had a couple of rough nights and so when I woke at 3 am I took a sleeping tablet which knocked me out until 8am.  Then of course it was too late to sit and ruminate I had to get going in sharp order.  First let me tell you about my leg of lamb which I cooked in the conventional oven but on the oven bars rather than in a tin.  The tin was full of boulangere potatoes which were positioned directly below the leg of lamb so that all the juices dripped onto the potatoes.  I reduced an entire bottle of red wine to make a nice red wine gravy to go with the meat and potatoes and though the original dish calls for onions I had leeks lurking around so substituted them instead. Anyway total success a really lovely meal.  There was tons of meat left so yesterday morning I converted it into a huge shepherds pie.  There is enough for 4-6 people so it is now in the freezer waiting for an occasion when I have visitors.  I think I may be inundated with visitors coming to see the new puppy.  

The weather yesterday was a bit of everything with the exception of wind we had everything else, rain sun cloud fog you name it we had it.  I finally got Nip along to the vet to have his nails cut. I have given up doing it my self since he took exception to it and now he has a muzzle on and pretends to be as good as gold.  

Today I am off with Elaine to Faversham to buy coffee and pick up some frozen birds from Sandy's house. I will also need to purchase something for lunch as there is nothing readily available except eggs.  So we could end up with omelette or scrambled.  Anyway we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Well that is the plan of campaign for today time for me to make myself look respectable.  Have a good day all and once again apologies for my absence yesterday.
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