Wednesday Morning

Thank goodness life is unpredictable just when I thought I was in for endless tedium and unending boredom something crops up to liven things up a bit.  There is a lady in Kent desperate to import one of the litter of puppies but owing to circumstances she is unable to go and fetch the dog.  So after a long discussion on the phone she is happy for me to import two dogs and she will then make her way to my house once we are through the tunnel and pick her pup up from me.  This seems the simplest solution to me.  She was also very happy that I had put my hands on the puppies and met the breeders.  Buying a puppy over the internet is not easy and I must admit it feels pretty risky but I am glad I took the time to check out the breeder and surroundings.  I was able to allay many of her fears so it looks as if Dante will have a litter mate to keep him company on the journey home. Thank goodness for a landrover there will be plenty of room for us all.  Hopefully the only difference will be the £16 for the extra dog.

More good news Mike has been accepted at the day centre and will be going for the first time on Thursday.  They come and fetch him in the morning and return him home around 3pm having given him lunch and other refreshments.  Apparently thursdays is a very quiet crowd and the lady is looking to move him to a more lively group but just dipping his toe in the water is a good start.  He will need to be up dressed and washed and ready to leave at 9.30 am which should light a fire under him.  Lets hope it is a successful day and even if he comes home moaning about the place at least he will have a topic of conversation for once.

Shiona is popping over today and we need to get ourselves organised with an hotel for the French trip as I notice they seem to be getting very booked up.  The laundry has been dealt with and is all ironed and put away for another week.  

The medication update is a follows, I am now completely off the pills and while I wake sometimes in a bit of a panic it passes very quickly and the occurrences seem to be diminishing.  One thing is for certain I am no worse without them and possibly somewhat better.  I do feel less tired and lethargic which can only be a good thing.

Well that's it for today all good news for a change........
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