Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday went according to plan and the house is nice and clean and Mike saw the OT who was really nice and I think she has persuaded him to attend a day care centre which will at least get him out of the house and meeting up with some other people.  I feel fairly sure that once the ice is broken and he had made this step his self confidence will be improved immeasurably.  I also think that the penny has dropped and he now realises that no one can get him through this but himself and he will have to make the effort.  Anyway she is going to look into the matter and will visit him again on the 28th.  She has also suggested he look into Silverline which is a charity where people agree to phone lonely elderly people once a week for a chat.  Her whole approach was that he could be useful to others while also helping himself.  Very clever approach and one that might just work.

I had done the chicken with cream and mushrooms which I served with some rice and the remainder of the cream ended up in a potato dauphinoise which is on todays lunch menu.  For supper we had just some pasta with pesto to which I added a few extra toasted pine nuts and extra parmesan.  The pesto was in the freezer.  I make it when I have an excess of basil and provided you don't add the cheese it freezes very well.

The new Tomtom arrived from Amazon so hopefully as it has the maps of western europe we should have no trouble on our trip to France in December.

Today Mike and I have been married 37 years but we have no intention of any celebrations.  Shiona is coming over for lunch so that will be celebration enough.  Maybe if we make it to 40 years we will push the boat out then.  

The weather is dull and cold but at least it is dry which makes a nice change from all the rain we have had this week.  The garden is a mass of fallen leaves but I don't bother clearing them up until all the leaves are down and as yet my main wisteria is showing no signs of losing its leaves but many of the other trees are already just a bunch of sticks.  Fortunately I have many evergreens in the garden so it doesn't look too bad through the winter months.  The water level in the pond has dropped dramatically and it is now a real danger to any dog who might fall in so I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and refill it with the hose which will put my water bill up some what.  I am going to have to be very vigilant with the new puppy as I don't want him frightened of water as Basso was after he had fallen in the pond on a couple of occasions.

Well thats about it for this morning time to hit the shower and get going for the day......

p.s. I think I am going to have to go back to the doctor as the pills just don't seem to be working. They sap my energy significantly but don't stop me waking with panic attacks so they are worse than useless.  I have given them a fair trial over 2 months so now is the time to try something else.  I am not sure if they are the kind you need to weaned off or if I can just stop taking them so a bit of research is needed before I make any sudden decisions.
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