Tuesday morning

Good morning all, not raining at present but we are under a heavy blanket of cloud and have been forecast another wet one.  Yesterday was fine with some sunshine which made it bearable.  I had quite a busy day.  Firstly I passed on the comment on the blog about the lovely picture of Basso.  I wanted to ask Chris if he was looking for commissions which he is so I will pass the word on my doggy friends.  He is at present putting together a portfolio of his work and looking for places to hang his pictures.  The local art shop has volunteered to show his work but they want 40% of any sale which is a bit rich don't you think?  Anyway I assured him that I had ordered him a box of "crayons" on line and they should be with us on thursday.  Sandy and her sister asked if they could come for lunch and see the picture for real.  Some lunch! we had pizza hedgehogs made with a french stick which Sandy brought with her she also had a mozzarella in the back of the fridge so she brought that too.  I had made the tomatoes and also a few rashers of crispy bacon to pack out the bread along with 2 mozzarellas I had in the freezer.  So it was a sort of joint venture, anyway there was not a morsel left so I guess it went down well.

Now just a short recap on my mental health status.  Since I stopped the medication after a few rocky days I now consider myself well.  No more waking at 2am in a flat panic in fact no more panic at all I may not be out of the woods yet but I feel very positive in myself and having such good friends around me [including you out there on the wires] has been very helpful.

Dan the man had is injection and microchip done yesterday now all that is needed is the tapeworm injection and he will be fit to import - time is passing, all be it slowly.  We are hoping for some photos next week.  He has grown a lot and now weighs 12kg so I think he is going to be a very big boy indeed.

Today I have to take Mike to audiology to have his hearing tested and his hearing aids recalibrated. Personally I think some of the problem is selective deafness as Mike is inclined to miss the things he would rather not hear.  Anyway there will be no excuses after this!!!!  Sadly the appointment is at lunch time which is going to mess up the meal arrangements.  Funnily enough I woke this morning calculating how many meals I turn out in a year 365 x 2 [lunch and supper] x 3 people minimum = 2,190.  No wonder I throw the towel in some times and demand a take away!!!!! I'm sure there are restaurants who would be pleased with that number of covers.  Well that is my excuse for a takeaway kebab last night and I am sticking to it.  Today I have some minced beef which I think I am going to make into a pie along with some onions, carrots and celery and a puff pastry lid. If I push it on to supper time I will have my box of vegetables which includes some cavolo nero which will go well with the pie.  As for lunch well who knows!!!! There are always eggs in some form or another and at a push there are beans on toast!!!! or should that be is beans on toast.  Come on grammarians help me out with this one.  I think that beans on toast is a singular dish though the beans are plural What do you think?
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