Tuesday morning

Yesterday was another very wet day but at least the wind had died down and there were some gaps in the deluge. We had breakfast for lunch in that we had bacon and eggs but supper was a different matter we had a lovely 28 day matured sirloin steak each with just some boiled courgettes dressed with some olive oil.  We all like our steak rare so it was only moments in cooking on a red hot griddle pan.  I find the grill in the oven to be pretty useless as it takes forever to get hot whereas the griddle pan heats up nice and quickly.  James managed to get the dogs out for a run during one of the lulls in the rain and despite his great age Nip enjoys a nice run still and comes home reinvigorated.

Today is going to be a busy day as we are expecting Denny this morning as well as the occupational therapist to see Mike.  I have some chicken thighs out of the freezer which I intend to cook with cream and mushrooms and a portion of rice.  We had a bit of disaster with the microwave which just ceased to work completely however I had done a swap with James and my old microwave was in the garage and still functional so we did a quick swap and now we are back up and running.  I also took the opportunity to order a Tom Tom as I have no intention of getting lost in France on the next journey. We had to negotiate a major accident and were diverted by the gendarmes onto some little country road from which we had no idea where we were.  So it would seem prudent to have a sat nav the last one we had was stolen from the car one night and we never replaced it.  When we left the tunnel on the English side the M20 was closed but fortunately we know kent well and headed across country to meet up with the M2 and it seemed that many people who came off the train followed us through all the little country road until we tipped them on to another motorway.

Anyway thats about it for this morning time I had a bit of a tidy up so Denny can do her stuff with the minimum of clutter to negotiate.  Have a good day all it is at least dry here at the moment.

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