Thursday morning

I don't know what to say about yesterday except it was a total right off.  As you know I am a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic so I went out in my dressing gown to put the bins out.  The bag burst and I spent ages re-bagging the rubbish while I quietly froze to death.  In an effort to regain some body heat I made a batch of cheese and onion muffins to go with our soup for lunch but I was still frozen.  Of course what I should have done is have a good hot bath but no I decided to go back to my warm bed where I promptly fell fast asleep.  James gave me a shout when the lunch was ready and having eaten that I felt really grotty and went back to my bed and slept most of the afternoon as well. Fortunately I had made all the preparations for supper, the lamb chops were defrosting on the griddle pan, potatoes were boiled ready to saute and carrots diced and cooked.  Once again James stepped into the breach and finished off the supper which I found I couldn't eat and gave up after a couple of mouthfuls.  I can't put my finger on what was wrong I just felt rubbish and was doing good impression of a sloth.  

Of course I am up at the crack of dawn this morning having slept for who knows how many hours yesterday.  Maybe my batteries just needed recharging, anyway I am not falling into the same trap this morning.  No getting frozen first thing I have already put on the gas fire as the heating doesn't come on until 4am.  Shiona is coming over this morning and Mike is off to "school" so I will need to get my act together. I feel like a dead rat so the shower will be my first port of call being clean and warm might make things seem a little brighter.  I had a bit of sad news yesterday it seems that Basso's littermate also had to be put down with a form of cancer.  I wonder if there is a genetic predisposition in the litter.  If so, I am glad that Basso didn't pass it on to another generation of course it could be just a coincidence.  Anyway only 19 days to go now until Dante is with us.  He already weighs 12Kg and I am wondering if there is some polar bear somewhere in his pedigree!!!

Well that is it for this morning I am off to the shower to get clean and warm before I make a start on the day.  I have not got a clue what we will be having for lunch or dinner but no doubt something will come to mind.  Does this sound good to you?

Loaf of bread, tuna, olives and ricotta cheese (baked)
Serves about 4 people
Approximately 250 grams of bread
200 grams of tuna in oil
250 g cheese
70 g pitted black olives
salt and pepper
parsley and chives
60g grated parmesan
1 large egg
1 lemon
1/2 red onion
extra virgin olive oil
Break up the bread and put it to soak in a large mixing bowl with warm water until it is nice and soft and crumbly. 
Add the chopped tuna, well drained, coarsely chopped olives, ricotta, egg, chopped red onion, Parmesan , the grated rind of one lemon, nutmeg, salt, pepper, chives with chopped parsley. 
If you need to add a little bread crumbs until you get the right consistency (which should be soft and firm at the same time). 
With slightly damp hands formed a meatloaf and lay them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. 
Pour a little oil on the surface. 
Cook for about 30 minutes in a hot oven at 180 degrees until lightly browned. 
delicious hot or at room temperature.
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