Thursday Morning

Good morning all a bit better night last night so I am up at what I consider a reasonable time of 5am. I had a lovely morning yesterday as not only did Mark turn up and do my garden but I went out to Faversham with my friend to do a bit of shopping.  We had a lovely breakfast and long chat about life and its colourful problems.  She has twin girls who are just at that lovely hormonal age between O and A levels so she knows all about family disharmony and the stupid rows that blow up over trivia. I bought all the ingredients to make some curry sauce, now all I need to do is find the time to make it which could well be this morning as we are due to go over to Shiona while Mike is out at his day centre.  So it is either now or when we get back and I don't think I will fancy a big cook up when I get back so I had better get it underway this morning.  I also bought some really lovely goats milk taleggio cheese which was really on the move and so got demolished last night along with some lovely crusty bread and beautiful pickled balsamic onions.  On the return journey we stopped of at Sandys house and picked up some frozen partridges and hen pheasant so at least she has a bit more room in her freezer.  Sandy was out but she had left the birds where I could find them and they were hopefully out of the foxes reach. They are now happily tucked in my freezer, though we will eat most of them I will keep a couple for training purposes with Dante once he has mastered the basics.  Elaine also had to pick up a rug for one of her horses so all in all we had a most successful run.  

This morning James has an appointment at 9am after which we will head over to Shiona's house. Tubby is in disgrace as during a moments boredom he decided the dog towel would look better in shredded form.  17 kilos of muscle can turn a bath towel into confetti in moments.  Fortunately we are not short of towels and a replacement was soon found and at least it saved me the job of washing it as it went straight into the bin.  I dare say we will be in for a few more losses once the new boy arrives.  Basso only did one bad thing as a pup he ate a mobile phone!!!! Oh the joys of a puppy!!!! It is a bit like having a two year old on the loose.

Well that is my plan for the day now I am off into the kitchen to chop onions and get my curry sauce underway.  I will feel happier once that is done and I can concentrate on getting myself showered and ready.  Have a good day all tomorrow is Friday last day of another week and I am off to the hairdresser as I currently look like an ungroomed old English sheepdog.

Diane doesn't look her best!!!!!

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